Beyond Silt, Proliferation Comes


In Childhood, memories grew in sober silence,

curiosity pervaded throughout vision,

storms crafted rampart gorges, life clung in highlands.

Gasping for breath, I floated down the cleavage

brought to a land of plenty, ancients handed over seeds.

Thought seeped into my mind as I looked for earth

once fertile and barren, plants over threw in frenzy.

Wilderness became a garden of corporeality;

Shangri-La put complacence into my operation

with linear progression, weathered Eden into past,

Passion created reality beyond object.

Disciplined now, perception sits above ethereal matter.

Seeking aspiration is the gift of archaic semen.


An Adventure Through the Neurological Cosmos of Slumber

In the universe of the brain, filled with more atoms than stars gazed in the darkest of nights, there exists a phenomena called dreams. Yet to be pinpointed in a single defined area of the brain, much like the electron of atoms. We know the electron exists and creates the equilibrium between protons in the atomic nucleus, who resemble the King’s Guard of England, and the electrons in a space yet to be calculated, who are as light as a gazelle in the Ballet of Nature. In science, theories can not emit a calculation of an electrons where about in the electron cloud because of the many complications of space and time. This complicates the many possibilities, in which; the many disciplines  and dialects of physics, chemistry, biology, and many others have yet to share in oral stories. Yet, much more write down and become the panic of scientific review, when this occurs science fiction writers of the “softer sciences and social sciences” can begin to imagine how dreams work and where they stem in the brain.

To look into the origin of dreams and where they spawn in the brain, is to look at a species of salmon swimming back to the spawning grounds in which they were born. Salmon endure the hard ship of the predator throughout the entire journey upriver, which is like our ability to see the lucid delusion of dreams.  Some dreams are so clouded and distorted that they fade from the conscious reality, on the other hand; some dreams are so surreal remaining a constant every time our eyelids make contact, even at the offering of 100,000 chemical reactions. Salmon like dreams are only the ability of humans to harness reality both consciously and subconsciously.  Creating a constant mitigation of the internal being’s cognitive genius. The MRI, I would argue is the closest tool western science has that could map the origin of dreams, next to the imagination which is the catalyst of conceptualization. To map the magnetic activity of R.E.M. is like a physicist discovering the electrons casual appearance in an act of anthropology. Many ideas would begin to emerge, putting forth the foundation in which the hard sciences could progress into the renaissance of dream origin.